Take Your Council into the Future

This website is a tool designed to help you grow your council and reach out to your parish, community and the world

Your Council Website Features


Web Access:

$20 monthly fee Includes web hosting and there is
no yearly domain fee. You have your own unique web address that corresponds with your council number.
Example of a web address:www.KofCcouncil.com/13450

Existing Members:

Your members can login to your council website using their membership number. It holds information for your current members such as member’s contact information, yearly budget, council bylaws and information only to be share with members.

Prospective Members:

A prospective member can access information about joining the Knights. He can fill out a Form 100 application that gets emailed it to your Membership Director.


Your Council Website will feature a promotion slider image. This will rotate different promotions such as events, activities or anything you want to promote on the Home Page of your website. You can rotate up to 6 promotions.

Calendar of Events:

You can enter all your special dates throughout the year on your event calendar. You will be able to attach a promotional or informational flyer to any special date. Your District Deputy will have access and can post other district information as well. This will help in the cross pollination of activities from your districts councils.


You can post on a live blog feed any information. It’s like a real time newsletter. The Knights State Office can broadcast a blog to all councils in the state. If there is emergency relief needed everyone will know in seconds.

Photo/Video Gallery:

You can add photos and videos of all your Knights activities..

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