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This website is a tool designed to help you grow your council and reach out to your parish, community and the world

The Future of your council Depends on it.

What inspired me to develop this website tool exclusively for the individual Knights of Columbus councils was my 35 years of experience. I have been a The Brother Knight since I was 18 year old. I have held many positions in the Knights including; Past Grand Knight, Past Deputy Grand Knight along with program director, youth director and currently membership director. Being on the inside I’ve learned what it takes to run a council from many different aspects of leadership. One thing is for sure...it all takes a lot of time and can be very frustrating at times getting it all to work! Most of my time was spent asking members for help with activities and fundraisers, communicating with the parish for participation in Knights events and searching for new members in the parish and in the community.

Now there is a way to put all your councils information and communications into your own website with a sleek Knights of Columbus branded design and state-of-the-art tools to help you build and manage the many aspects of your council including; building membership, promoting events and communicating to Columbus Council Website Builder. You will council members, the parish and even the world! When you combine a Knights of be charged $20 on a credit card monthly-Columbus Council Website with social media support you have a very powerful tools that work together to reach out to the world through computers, phones and tablets and literally put your council in the palms of their hands. You need a website if you want to reach out to the younger generations. It is critical for the future and growth of your council.

Sign your council up today! It’s simple, fast and very affordable. For just $20 per month your council can finally have its’ own website.

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